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Among the beliefs of aspiring designers that hinders them from pursuing their dream is that they think that you have to be in a fashion mecca like New York, London, and Paris in order to make money. If you have to be globally big and famous men's sweaters crochet, yes, you need to be in any of these key cities but to make money, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you keep persisting. In fact, you can make money in your home town if you get the right exposure.
The common thing about fashion designers is that they have a creative streak and they have the power to conceptualize an item. It usually starts with a design or simply, paper sketches. Some skip this step and just allow their hands to realize what is in their heads. But basically, it starts with an idea then a drawing. Also, designers think outside of the box when it comes to their materials. Sure, armani women suits it is great working with fine materials but most of the time idea strikes and they have to work with whatever is readily available.

If all these are sparking this idea in your head that you really should be a designer, give it some long and hard thought then start little by little. You don’t have to quit your day job and start looking for a place right away where you can work. It doesn’t have to be that big right away but it won’t hurt to head to that direction.
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Earning Money by being a Fashion Designer
If you happen to love fashion, chances are you may have thought of having a career that has something to do with it. That would be a dream. Have you ever thought about being a fashion designer? When people hear fashion designer, they equate it to another word---impossible. Most think that you have to be a certain somebody to be able to have a fruitful career as a designer. Actually, tailored suits thailand most successful designers may have thought the same during the early stages of their career. If you have the drive and you actually want to be a designer that intensely, you can actually make money out of it. It’s just a matter of actually committing and working to be one.